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Aaron Barratt

Full-stack Developer


Back in 2006 I started playing EverQuest with my Dad on his "work computer". Since then on I have been obsessed with video games, tech, and programming.

After many years (and too many games of StarCraft 2) I decided to study Computer Games Programming at the University of Northampton.

It turns out that making video games isn't quite as fun as playing them! Instead I discovered my passion was in databases and web development.

Fast forward today and I have had the privilege to work in such roles as DBA, support engineer, and currently a Full Stack Developer at Dentsu.



Full Stack Developer · Dentsu


I design and develop robust web applications, ensuring a seamless user experience from front-end to back-end.

My role is to transform innovative concepts into digital reality, delivering excellence in the world of web development.


T3 Support · UserZoom


I refactored the KPI ETL process saving over 16 hours or run time per week.

In-depth expertise in troubleshooting and problem-solving, I assist in resolving complex issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum system efficiency


Database Admin · Welcome Break

Milton Keynes

I specialized in managing and optimizing data systems to ensure the integrity, security, and performance of critical information.

My role involves fine-tuning SQL queries, implementing disaster recovery plans, and ensuring data availability.


Professional Services · Invu


Developed custom optical recognition processing solutions using C#.

Implemented a £100,000+ invoice processing automation solution.


Technical Support · Invu


Provided excellent third line technical support to over 1,800 customers across the UK.

Researched, piloted and implemented ZenDesk into the support team. Thoroughly document technical issues and solutions.


This website! Made to show off my HTML, CSS, and design skills. Built with Svelte and Tailwind.

Using active design principles to work flawlessly for mobile and desktop.

  • Svelte
  • JavaScript
  • Tailwind
  • HTML
  • Design
Resolution Changer

A simple system tray application to switch between resolutions and refresh rates.

I made this to quickly switch between 16:9 for gaming and 32:9 for productivity.

  • Go
  • Systray
  • Windows API
Image Cropper

A simple GUI application to bulk crop images. Made using the Pillow image processing library.

  • Python
  • Pillow
  • Tkinter
Tekken 8 API

A simple API written in Go. You can request character data for Tekken 8. This is a work in progress.

I plan to build my own site that consumes this data to help players learn the game.

  • Go
  • API
  • PostgreSQL
  • Supabase


You can grab a copy of my CV here: